10 Months ~ March 27, 2013



My sweet little monkey! I cannot believe she is 10 months! Why is time flying by so fast!! I love my big girl and how much fun she has with life! She is sitting such a long tiny looking frame on some fat little thighs that I think make up about 15 lbs of that 21 lbs! 30 inches long and feet that are still in size 3-6 month shoes, so its not easy for the walking when she tries!

Her favorite food is definitely chili, which Papi will gladly feed her anytime he is around. She loves to clap and say yay, and can say bye-bye sometimes depending on her little miss priss mood! She is into everything all the time, opening cabinet doors and drawers and then climbing into the cabinets or on the drawers. She is my little dare devil that will do anything and everything, usually fall hard and then get up and laugh sometimes! She is going to be a thrill seeker like her mommy! Can you say skydiving Demi???

She is all about daddy, so the second he walks in the door, I will say “wheres daddy” and that girl takes off like nothing I have ever seen and crawls at him like a crazy person! She loves playing find daddy, kissing her best friend in the mirror and dancing to “Happy” and “Timber” girlfriend likes to shake that junk in the trunk! She is getting so big and having so much personality, I cannot believe she will be one in 2 months and the personality of course will just continue to grow!!