9 MONTHS – February 27, 2014




How much quicker can time fly by?? 


Our visit to the pediatrician was one that I wasn’t expecting, because I don’t realize how big she gets sometimes. She had been holding steady at the 50% marker for all of her growth throughout her 8 months, but at 9 months, she was 60th percentile in weight and 80th in height! My baby girl is getting so big! 


19 lbs. 3 oz.

29 inches long

She is sitting pretty with her two bottom teeth, the top one is trying SO HARD to pop through, we will see how long that takes.

Favorite Foods: lemons, oranges, pears, yogurt and thanks to Papi, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream… bad Papi

She Can: wave, stand for a couple of seconds before falling, loves to pretend to cough when we cough, and LOVES LOVES LOVE feeding herself and even tries to with a spoon but we don’t let that happen considering more gets on her than in her.

Loves: Mirrors, bouncing, climbing, reading, playing with Fezzik and chewing mommy’s wallet.  



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