8 MONTHS – January 27, 2014

ImageI cannot believe my little monkey is 8 months!!! she is already 28 inches long and weighs 18.5 lbs. She is becoming more and more independent and crazy every day!

From traveling all over the place, like a champ, to standing up and falling (really hard) and not crying at all, I am completely blown away by this sweet girl everyday, and so thankful for my little blessing! 

(Since I missed her 6 & 7 months because of holidays, figured I would at least post the pictures, but no explaining needed because all of that stuff is old tricks for this big girl! )

New Loves: 

– Chasing Fezzik around the house and getting into all of his toys, food, water and just annoying him as much as she can.

– Gabbing all day, all night and even while she eats! She loves to babble.

– Spitting all over the place, we think she just loves the feel of her tongue making that crazy spit noise.

– Laughing at everything, daddy, Fezzik, the vacuum, you name it we laugh at it.

– Silly faces, Michael Ross’ child need I say more! 🙂

– Hearing people say “you are so pretty” makes her smile so big, which scares us already.

– Mirrors, this child LOVES looking at herself in the mirror and just smiling.

Big Girl Can Now: 

– Crawl, ALL OVER THE PLACE! She is into everything.

– High-Five, which she loves to do, definitely going to be a sports girl!

– Pull herself up, which we were just doing to our knees but this morning she pulled herself all the way up to her feet for the first time

– Feeding herself puffs! She doesn’t want any help with that!





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