Demi 5 Months ~ October 27, 2013




Cannot believe little one is already 5 months!!! She is loving her solid foods, well most of them, trying so hard to crawl that she has the awesome spin around in circles thing going, and is almost to long for her bathtub, but cant sit up alone yet so we have to hold her while we bathe her! I cannot believe how much she changes each month. 


-Her feet and thumbs, any way she can get those suckers in her mouth makes for a good day. She has become quite the gabber with her feet and thumb in her mouth too. Its really a skill. 

-Throwing toys, she is super strong and you will hear the rattle or her wubba hit the other side of the car when she is not happy in her back seat. 

-She is really good at holding her own bottle now and will move my hands when she doesn’t want help being fed. She is definitely little miss independent. 

-Gasping for air is her newest thing, she has learned that it gets mom’s attention and she now laughs when I come running. We took her to the doctor to be sure but yeah, it was an attention getter, crazy manipulative little girl. 

-She has discovered that mom’s hair is REALLY fun to pull and what makes it even more funny is watching mommy say ouch a million times. 

-She has become a regular at the nursery in church and they say that she is so good and just sleeps and gabs the whole time, mommy gets her time and Demi enjoys having fun with her little friends. 

-Pictures, little girl LOVES having her picture taken. This child just lights up when a camera comes out and starts putting on the faces. 


-Naps, we have begun the boycott of nap time… oh joy for mommy. 

-Squash, it is the one solid food this child will spit out no matter how hard we try to get her to eat it. 

-Socks, she will pull those suckers off as fast as she can once they get on, we lose them like crazy. 

-Bibs, we have tried the velcro bibs, the snap ones and the ones you pull over the head, she somehow finds a way out of them all… sneaky little girl. 



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