3 Months ~ August 27, 2013


3 MONTHS… I cannot believe how big she is getting! Miss priss is all of 23 inches long and 13 pounds 4 ounces. 


* We have discovered that our thumbs and hands are so much fun to put in our mouth and just go to town! We can actually hear her in her room at night just sucking away! 

* Our new thing is baseball and football! It makes me smile to see how drawn into the TV she gets into when either is on TV! 

* SHE LOVES READING!!! Demi gets so into books whenever we pull them out and start reading. She follows along with all of the pages  and loves looking at the pictures. 

* Just like she did in the belly, she is a kicker! She will kick all covers off of her, kick until she comes out of her swing and kick her little piano keys on her playmat. She also will kick when she is unhappy and that one actually hurts at times! 🙂 


* FEET! She is starting to try and move her feet close enough for her to grab them, they are her newest obsession! She is getting close to grabbing them! 

* She has discovered that her tongue is a fun thing to play with by sticking it out at mommy and daddy whenever she sees ours! She loves imitating those little motions.

* Her arms have some serious power! If she is unhappy with something all of the sudden in the car, you will hear her Wubba hit the other door because she has thrown it! She is learning that kind of gets our attention. 

* She isnt rolling over yet, but she will turn and spin on her back all day long and that moves her around the room pretty well! 

* She is very curious as to who the little girl in the mirror is when we walk by, she really enjoys making faces at herself!


* Apple Juice, she will spit that stuff out of her mouth all day long and make this mean little face of “what the heck is this?”

* Being still…. apparently it is the worst thing ever!!

* Teeth, little munchkin is starting to chew on everything and cry a lot because her little gums are preparing for her teeth to start popping in.. she is not a fan! 



I am so blessed to be watching this sweet girl grow and begin to have such personality and crazy faces! Her smiles and little laughs are making this become more and more fun! She is my little road trip companion as I drive home and study/learn from my dad to get ready for the CPA exam… and she adores just hanging out with Muddy and Papi while mommy works! 

I knew being a mom would have its ups and downs, but I could have never imagined the amount of joy this face brings me everyday, the amazingly even stronger bond its created between Michael and I, along with this little girl giving me so much drive and motivation to make myself better and give her the opportunities to be everything she could want to be! I am so grateful! 






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