May 27, 2013 ~ 2 MONTHS!!!





We had our 2 month checkup today and are sitting pretty at the 50% percentile in every category! Miss Demi has gained over 4 pounds in 2 months and has grown 3 whole inches! 🙂 

Sweet munchkin LOVES: 

  • Sitting in her swing and staring at Winnie the Pooh and Tigger for hours on end
  • Just laying in her bath tub during bath time and kicking her little feet and smiling
  • Her wubbas that Muddy Buddy got her, she holds her binky in by just clinging to her wubba! 

Munchkin DISLIKES: 

  • Laying on her tummy for tummy time, unless Fezzik in flipping her over! 
  • CLOTHES!! Demi cannot stand being in clothes or diapers, she LOVES being a naked baby, its one of the things that makes her stop crying 

New Things we have discovered: 

  • She has started not only smiling, but the occasional giggle will come out! I cannot believe baby girl is already smiling and giggling! 
  • She realized she has hands and fingers and LOVES to suck on them and stare at them! She is getting great at using her little hands and holding her wubba’s and grabbing at hair!
  • She started recognizing mommy and daddy’s voice when we talk to her! Its so wonderful when someone else may be talking to her and she hears my voice or Michaels and looks for us or smiles! 
  • SHE IS A MOVER!!! If I lay her down on her tummy for tummy time she will spin herself in circles, and loves to move her feet and kick a ton! I have a feeling she will be a speedster when she begins to crawl around! 




I still cannot believe that I am a mommy! I feel like Michael and I keep waiting for her real parents to come and pick her up from a really long babysitting job! We have been so blessed to be able to enjoy so many sweet moments with Miss Demi, and it feels like time is already flying by way to fast! 

Such an amazing time of change and new things happening the main thing being  that God has blessed us with the ability for me to stay at home with Demi and make sure I don’t miss a single moment of my sweet little girl! She is the most amazing study buddy for the CPA exam as well as an awesome little workout buddy when mommy has to go to the gym, and LOVES running errands! 

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and cannot wait to watch my baby girl become even more active and giggly! 


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