39 WEEKS!! Welcome Grace Demeaux!!




Monday May 27, 2013, Michael and I welcomed our sweet Grace Demeaux Ross! She was exactly one week early and we couldn’t have been more excited! 


Friday I received a phone call stating that my blood work came back with high levels of Uric Acid, and after going into triage and having a blood pressure of 150/98 and more blood work revealing toxemia and edema they decided to induce. 6:00pm Friday we began inducing and after exhausting every last bit of options at 5:06 on Monday morning we decided to have a c-section. Too many hours of labor to continue, but at 6:07 on Monday morning, Michael and I heard our sweet baby girls cry and experienced an all new level of love we never had experienced! 

Michael and I have been so blessed by the wonderful miracle that is this sweet little one, the promise of Gods faithfulness in our lives and we cannot believe we are parents after all of the years of hearing that I would never be able to see this day! This sweet baby girl is such a beautiful blessing and I am so proud to take on the newest and most wonderful job I could have ever asked for, the role of mommy! 



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