37 WEEKS!!!!!

photo 2


Weeks pregnant?: THIRTY – SEVEN

What Demi Is Up Too:

YAY!!!!! We have got what is officially considered a full-term baby, even with three weeks to go. That doesn’t mean she’s finished growing — in fact, she’s still packing on about a half pound a week (at this age, the average fetus weighs about 6.5 pounds). That makes it a little crowded in your uterus, so Demi is probably not kicking as much, though she’s probably stretching, rolling a bit, and wiggling (all of which you’ll be able to feel!). Right now, my little munchkin is busy rehearsing for her big debut, inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid (to get the lungs ready for that first breath), sucking her thumb (to prepare for that first suckle of milk), blinking, and turning from side to side.

Maternity clothes?: that a funny question, I am going to go with what are jeans without stretchy tops!

Stretch marks?: the doctor said moisturizing is a myth, stretch marks are genetic which stinks because my skin is stretching and itching

Sleep: what is sleep? I heard of it before

Best moment this week?: knowing sweet Demi is a big girl who is healthy and fully developed so she is clear to go when she feels ready 

Miss Anything?: my sanity! I am just so ready to be a mommy that the constant growth and pregnancy hormones are driving me nuts

Movement?: I can watch her little body move as I lay on my side which is awesome, Michael says it looks like a scene from Alien

Food cravings: salads and hot sauce!

Symptoms?: feeling like I am back in the first trimester with the nausea and fatigue but tack on some lower back pain and contractions and you have a fun afternoon right there! ;) she is worth every last bit!

Belly Button in or out?: more out than in

Wedding rings on or off?: Off, fake ring on! 

Happy or Moody most of the time?:  A ton of happy moments but the occasional breakdown at times

Looking forward to?: going ahead and having our sweet baby girl!

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