Weeks pregnant?: THIRTY- FIVE

What Demi Is Up Too:

Demi is standing tall (so to speak) this week at about 20 inches and continues her steady weight gain. While she won’t get much longer, she will continue to pack on the pounds — including large amounts of baby fat — right up ’til delivery day. Something else that’s moving at a mind-boggling pace these day: fetal brain development! There’s a lot going on inside that tiny head, which is, by the way, still soft to allow an easier exit through the birth canal. that first postpartum manicure.

Maternity clothes?: I think we should rename this sweats/Michaels clothing

Stretch marks?: Unfortunately we definitely are starting to get a couple, no matter how much I moisturize

Sleep: haha

Best moment this week?: finding out the cord is becoming lose around her neck

Miss Anything?: my ability to do things without feeling so tired

Movement?: she is definitely a mover and shaker!

Food cravings: spicy, spicy, spicy

Symptoms?: nausea and more nausea 😦

Belly Button in or out?: more out than in

Wedding rings on or off?: Off, fake ring on! 

Happy or Moody most of the time?:  emotional lately with just worry about her little cord problem

Looking forward to?: going into labor

One thought on “35 WEEKS!

  1. Do we have a baby yet??! I have been following your blog since you announced you were pregnant. my due date is june 6th! It has been so much fun watching your pregnancy journey unravel along side mine. Hoping and praying for a fast and safe delivery for you and baby demi!! 🙂

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