26 WEEKS!!!!



Weeks pregnant?: TWENTY-SIX!!!!

Maternity clothes?: Every last bit of what I wear now, and when it comes to sleeping, well Michaels clothes arent too baggy on me now!

Stretch marks?: Nope

Sleep: she is a little one woman party so I wake up every couple hours. the doctor says its preparing me for some sleepless nights

Best moment this week?: seeing how God is just taking care in forming my sweet baby girl! even through all the craziness, she is still as healthy as ever and that has been a huge blessing this week! 

Miss Anything?: weight, I know it sounds dumb because YES I know I am pregnant, but everytime I step on the scale I want to cry a little bit because I worked so hard to lose so much weight back in the day that seeing those numbers sky rocket is something I have been struggling with! 

Movement?: she is thankfully starting to slow down a bit, I think because she is getting so cramped

Food cravings: I am really wanting grilled cheese, but I am not caving and am super proud of staying tight on the diet, except for my one cheat day I had! 😉 

Symptoms?: the typical sea of emotions 

Belly Button in or out?: still sitting at half and half! 

Wedding rings on or off?: On :) 

Happy or Moody most of the time?:  A little bit of everything, God is definitely walking me through so much and I am beyond grateful for all the growth that is taking place in my life in preparing me to be a mom. It has definitely been a lot of happiness and some emotional moments but in the end what is happening inside of me will make every last emotion, diet and crazy symptom so worthwhile and I praise God every day for this opportunity! 

Looking forward to?: meeting my baby girl and of course getting her nursery set up! 

What Demi Is Up Too:

She now weighs a full two and a half pounds and measures fourteen-plus inches. And this week, her eyes, which until now were developing under fused eyelids, start to open. Of course, there’s not much to see in there, but if your baby spots a bright light (or hears a loud noise) near your belly, you may notice an increase in fetal activity. (“Hey, I’m in here, Mommy! Where’s the party!”) What accounts for that response? Her brain is more developed and sophisticated.


When I started this blog, I had no idea what God would walk me through and how it would affect me! I am so blessed to sit back and read these posts and look at where I came from to where we are. Even as I posted in the beginning, every day there was this sinking fear of will this baby make it, will I be let down again, will this sweet blessing be another test of my faith in God to provide, and indeed she was. God has given Michael and I such a sweet gift and I know I say this every week, but having walked through all the years of wondering why I couldnt have children, I understand that the Lord had such an amazing plan in restoring my faith, building me as a woman of God and preparing me to be a better wife and now mother with a sweet testimony in his grace and redemption in my life. When I started this blog, my sweet baby girl was the size of a grape, now she is the size of a English Hothouse Cucumber (all we had were regular cucumbers for the picture) and she is growing every day! I am so grateful for all the prayers, love and texts I receive I am so thankful for my wonderful family and friends. 14 weeks to go and definitely some prayers needed as we found out I am dangerously close to having high blood pressure which is never good, but as usual I know God will provide and once again look after me and this sweet little miracle! 

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