12 WEEKS!!!


Total weight gain: Still sitting at 10 pounds

Maternity clothes?: Silly belly growth! 🙂 Starting to wear some seriously flowing shirts

Stretch marks?: Negative, thank goodness! Tons of tips of how to keep it that way!


Best moment this week?: Seeing how my belly is growing and reading how much my little peanut is developing!!!

Miss Anything?: Advil, have had miserable headaches and tylenol isnt making a dent

Movement?: I feel little one growing definitely, because he/she is stretching mommys belly and making slight jabbing pains while doing it!

Food cravings: Oh this week was all about the bbq chicken salad I usually make for Michael, but the baby was feeling it this week!
Anything making you queasy or sick?: I am definitely feeling better, but this week was a little rough, but hey holidays and good food ahead so hopefully 1st trimester craziness is behind me.
Gender Prediction?: GIRL GIRL GIRL, PRETTY LITTE GIRL!!!!!
Symptoms?: my sense of smell has heightened SO much, its so weird, an still lots of sleep

Belly Button in or out?: In!

Wedding rings on or off?: On 🙂

Happy or Moody most of the time?: Happy!! There is really nothing to be sad or moody about, I do cry a lot at cute little kid commercials though lol, Michael finds it funny!

Looking forward to?: Introducing the baby to Thanksgiving food, and being around my family who I havent seen since the wedding and getting to show sonogram pictures!

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