13 WEEKS!!! Hello 2nd Trimester!


Weeks pregnant?: 13 WEEKS!!! 

Total weight gain: Sitting at 11.2 pounds 
Maternity clothes?: Not much more than the jeans and a few tops, luckily even with the weight gain, still hanging around in the regular jeans with a belly band… on a mission to still put on size 4 anything for as long as possible!!! 
Stretch marks?: Nope 

Sleep: Lightest sleeper EVER!!!!! Oh my goodness and the dreams are so mean/weird! I think they are Michaels comic relief though! by 10:30 I am out like a light and to stay up that late is hard work!!! 
Best moment this week?: For the first time since getting pregnant being able to bust my butt working out like I wasnt! I LOVE me some Zumba! 🙂 
Miss Anything?: Not really, I did miss the whole wine amazingness at Mallory’s wedding though this weekend! 
Movement?: Just a little, I think…. Its hard to tell because my belly is getting so big so fast that I cant tell if its just stretching belly or crazy kiddo
Food cravings: CELERY!!! Oh my goodness I just want to eat celery hearts lately and carrots! Thank goodness I crave healthy stuff!!! 
Gender: FINDING OUT SOON!!!! YAY! only a few more weeks! (Girl Girl Girl, pretty little Girl!) haha I cannot wait. 

Symptoms?: Very emotional this week, I feel like everything made me cry and then some! Oh my goodness, happy tears, sad tear, I miss home tears…. I feel like a basket case. Michael is such an amazing man and just sits back and smiles and tells me how cute I am with a pouty lip and cute lil tears, I feel like I am driving him nutty but he just laughs at the craziness! Other than that, absolutely nothing to complain about! We just keep reminding ourself how amazingly blessed we are!

Belly Button in or out?: In
Wedding rings on or off?: On 🙂 
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Hmmmmmm for the most part SUPER SUPER HAPPY! I mean I have a couple emotional moments, but all in all excited, happy and just plain loving this right now! 
Looking forward to?: Our doctors appointment this week and setting the appointment for finding out what the little munchkin is!!! 

I think I still find it crazy that I have a little munchkin growing inside of me. I cannot believe after all of the emotional highs and lows I am having a baby. Our doctor after reading my chart and everything I had been told just looked at me when he walked in and asked if he could just hug me because after everything we had been through he just wanted to hug me congrats! So no matter what the emotion, tears, or craziness that may ensue, I keep reminding myself how incredible blessed we are, how we are walking proof that God is faithful to His children and is one more testimony of His sweet beautiful redemption in my life! I cannot believe how far I have come and the difference that a year can make! Reflecting on being thankful last week, all I could think about was how thankful I am that God chose to shower the trials that I walked through on me, to create the woman of faith He did, only to show His faithfulness, even in the more impossible situations! I feel so blessed and honored as each week goes by that He saw me as someone who could handle everything, come out on the other side and be a testament to His grace! There is nothing I could be more thankful for than the blessings I am far from deserving of! 

12 WEEKS!!!


Total weight gain: Still sitting at 10 pounds

Maternity clothes?: Silly belly growth! 🙂 Starting to wear some seriously flowing shirts

Stretch marks?: Negative, thank goodness! Tons of tips of how to keep it that way!


Best moment this week?: Seeing how my belly is growing and reading how much my little peanut is developing!!!

Miss Anything?: Advil, have had miserable headaches and tylenol isnt making a dent

Movement?: I feel little one growing definitely, because he/she is stretching mommys belly and making slight jabbing pains while doing it!

Food cravings: Oh this week was all about the bbq chicken salad I usually make for Michael, but the baby was feeling it this week!
Anything making you queasy or sick?: I am definitely feeling better, but this week was a little rough, but hey holidays and good food ahead so hopefully 1st trimester craziness is behind me.
Gender Prediction?: GIRL GIRL GIRL, PRETTY LITTE GIRL!!!!!
Symptoms?: my sense of smell has heightened SO much, its so weird, an still lots of sleep

Belly Button in or out?: In!

Wedding rings on or off?: On 🙂

Happy or Moody most of the time?: Happy!! There is really nothing to be sad or moody about, I do cry a lot at cute little kid commercials though lol, Michael finds it funny!

Looking forward to?: Introducing the baby to Thanksgiving food, and being around my family who I havent seen since the wedding and getting to show sonogram pictures!



Total weight gain: Something popped and we are at a total of 10 lbs (hoping its the belly pop, or some major water weight!)
Maternity clothes?: Still the same stuff as before, but wearing more dresses and sweatpants this week once we woke up with a belly!

Stretch marks?: Nope, saying tons of prayers that it will stay that way

Sleep: Good, but not the best

Best moment this week?: Seeing our little bump! It was so weird to wake up one morning and all of the sudden having the same body but for some reason my tummy was sticking out! haha
Miss Anything?: Nope, loving these times right now
Movement?: I seriously think that this baby is stretching and moving around, at least it feels like it!
Food cravings: Oh gracious, hamburger pickle chips and celery and carrots
Anything making you queasy or sick?: I am getting better with foods and smells, its just a matter of how I sleep at night that affects the sick feeling
Gender Prediction?: Well, I still feel girl and Michael is still saying boy and reminding me that he will tell our little boy that I wanted a girl more!!! HAHA either way I just want a happy healthy little one
Symptoms?: TIRED TIRED TIRED!!! I swear I have never slept so much in my entire life!
Belly Button in or out?: In!
Wedding rings on or off?: On and hopefully they stay that way
Happy or Moody most of the time?: Happy!!
Looking forward to?: GENDER REVEAL!! I am so excited to find out the gender with all our friends and family around!! I cannot wait!
I cannot believe that I am so close to the second trimester, finding out the baby’s sex and how fast things are moving! If anyone had told me a year ago that this is where I would be, I dont know if I would have believed them, ESPECIALLY THE BABY! I am so blessed and with every once of morning sickness I am so grateful for the wonderful gift God is allowing me to carry! This is the most wonderful time I could have ever imagined.

10 Weeks

This week has just been crazy! Michael is finally home for good and diving into work, we are attempting to finally get settled into Tallahassee and begin unpacking, and all the while it feels like everything is happening so crazy fast! But I am grateful for the healthy heartbeat we heard on Thursday, and hearing our doctor in Tallahassee say that for everything my body has been through, it seems to be really adapting well and the baby is extremely healthy and has a great steady heartbeat and is GROWING!!! We are so grateful for this amazing little miracle getting bigger and bigger! 
How far along? 10 weeks
Total weight gain: 5 pounds, but I have a feeling a TON of it is all the junk I have been eating just to get food in my belly… 
Maternity clothes? Michael got me some jeans which are super comfy! 
Stretch marks? Not yet!!!
Sleep: with some prescription meds, much better sleep, although I am having dreams I worked at Naylor again… it was really weird
Best moment this week: HEARING my sweet little peanuts heartbeat for the first time! It was absolutely amazing and the most beautiful sound I have ever heard
Miss Anything? Margaritas, I REALLY wanted one the other day
Movement: I truly believe this child is performing trapeze acts in my stomach, but I am probably just finding a crazy reason for all the stomach craziness! 🙂  
Food cravings: Pickles with hot sauce and tomato soup and grilled cheese have been my two big cravings this week. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: some food or drink smells are, but luckily getting a little better every day! 
Labor Signs: This one should say no for a while! 
Symptoms: Still a little tired, but luckily getting back into my workout routine in the afternoons with Michael, mostly feeling the symptoms that were in the early scenes of what to expect… you know the crazy preggers! 😉 
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? ON!
Happy or Moody most of the time:SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!! I will occasionally get the happy cries, like when I am watching the Carters commercial about becoming a mom.. yeah that one gets me, or even just happy cries about being preggers, but yeah overall just ecstatic! 
Looking forward to: Having fun shopping for little one! That part really gets me excited!