God’s Wonderful Gift

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE BABIES! I know that while I love my job and bust my butt for my company, my hearts desire is to be a wonderful wife and a mom one day, but while that may be my hearts desire, I honestly cannot remember a time, even through all of the births in my family and all of the little ones I adore so much, I dont recall a single time since my baby brother being at the hospital right after the baby was born until today.

Today, I met my beautiful niece, Robyn Marie Hall, 8lbs, 10oz, 19.5 inches long and absolutely gorgeous! I was the first one to hold her after Rebekah and Nathan (her mom and dad) and it brought tears to my eyes to see this beautiful little girl who God so perfectly made and already has a wonderful plan for her life (thats why she has the wonderful parents she does).

Rebekah is truly the sister I never had growing up. She was the first family member I met and the one I became closest to the fastest, when things go crazy, I call her, when I needed to just cry before the wedding, I would call her, she has been the most wonderful blessing and the sweetest sister I could have ever asked for. I was blessed enough to know about Robyn before anyone else in the family (outside of parents of Rebekah and Nathan), because Rebekah was feeling sick before a crafts festival, I was sworn to keep it a secret and I felt so special in knowing, especially since Michael and I werent engaged yet, it showed Rebekah’s love and trust in me in such a short time. That meant so much to me when she told me, and then today that feeling was multiplied, when she looked at me first and asked me if I wanted to hold my new niece! 🙂

I couldnt help all day today running around work and showing off the pictures of this beautiful little girl, but even more than that, I couldnt help but look at how beautifully and wonderfully made we all are. It truly brought me to such a standstill of awe and grace for my Savior. He made this little miracle I was holding in His image and to hold her just an hour old, knowing a little over an hour ago she wasnt here, was such a humbling experience.

Before I was born, God knew my parents were going to have a rollercoaster ride of a daughter, someone who would try their patience and sanctify them daily, but end the end, would be their baby girl. Before I was born, God knew the perfect man for me was Michael Frank Ross, and while it may take time to find him, He was going to work on both of us during that time of searching, bringing us together and both of our families to allow me to be so blessed by my own family, but be brought into his like I had always been a part of it. More than anything, God allowed me to see this morning that before I was even thought of by my parents, God was going to call me to this beautiful and wonderful life that I am blessed enough to live, and call me His own.

Its amazing what a wonderful sister (I cannot even begin to call her my sister-in-law because she has truly been a sister) and her sweet little addition to her already precious family can show you at 10:30 in the morning. God can even use a newborn baby to make you see so much of His grace, love, and absolute majesty, and I am so humbled by it!

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