What a difference a year can make

Looking back at this picture, I have so many wonderful memories!!! My baby brother was back from Paris and meeting this guy I really liked, Alli was stuck riding in the care back home with me and Michael and our slightly goofy still honeymoonesq relationship, we were all celebrating my dads birthday, and Michael and I knew we wanted to start a relationship, BUT he had to do one little thing, ask my dad permission.

After years of dating/liking guys that my dad was able to call from the moment he met them, I finally came to the conclusion that the next guy I date has to talk to him first, because he has been able to pick them out fast than I ever could and I dont want anymore heartbreak.

When I met Michael it was butterflies from the getgo. He made me laugh, nonstop, and if you have spent more than 5 seconds with him, you know this isnt something I am just saying, he is seriously hilarious! I really liked him and just wanted to be with him all the time… I guess he felt the same because when he asked about making everything official, I told him he had to go through one person first, and that was my dad.

Most guys at this point ran away and said no thank you, Michael said, “parents love me…” and in a slight bit of pressure from me, asked my dad permission to date me after his birthday dinner once we got home. I am so thankful for all the questions and requests my dad had for Michael because from that day on, he made sure that he led me, and really strived to make sure that God was at the forefront of our relationship! I am so blessed looking back at this time last year, because in the month before it,  God had done so much in my life to prepare me for th extremely fun/quick rollercoaster I was stepping on.

Exactly one year later, I have been married to this man for one month and 8 days, my baby brother is moving to Africa in less than 2 months and I had the privledge of growing close to Alli and having her sing in our wedding one of the most gorgeous songs that truly represented the communion we were taking. I am so blessed for the wonderful things that have happened in the past year and cant help but look at this and say that it was truly the beginning of such a beautiful journey, that becomes more and more fun everyday.

I thank God daily for His beautiful and perfect timing and am so grateful He never gave me what I desired, but made me wait for the things He desired for me.

Now one year later, we were able to celebrate that night by me surprising him in a trip to Berns in Tampa and having a wonderful date night and looking back at where we were and the wonderful place that we are along with the beautiful journey ahead! I love you Michael Frank!

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