What A Year

One year ago today, I went on my first date with the man that would be my husband 11 months later! The picture was from two days later at the fireworks in Alachua, with my lil cousin Jackson. Who knew that a year later we would be married, planning our lives together, getting ready to move into our first house with our little family! God has blessed up so much and we are forever grateful for all He has done! What a wonderful day to start actually using the blog I planned on starting 2 years ago when I wanted to study abroad. Thank goodness for plans falling through the cracks and God using those disappointments to prepare me to meet my future husband July 2, 2011. I am so beyond grateful for this past year, the growth I have made in both my walk with my Savior and the wife I am becoming. I cannot wait for this beautiful journey that we are starting on and I am so grateful for Gods perfect timing!

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